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Meet Your Perfect (?) Match

Would you let any of these characters take you on a First Date?



- Looking for a lady who isn't afraid to "beat his ass" in Galaga (good luck)!

- Has a guilty pleasure - getting pedicures. 

- Will put on unrealistic characteristics of idealistic personas that he believes will make him look more appealing to others.

- Avid fan of Star Trek.

- Graduated 8th in his class at Penn. 

- Often opens his mouth before thinking about what he is going to say. 

- When he is not wearing a suit, he loves a well-fitted t-shirt, joggers, and Nike Air shoes. 

- Not the best at communicating with women. 


- An avid thrifter and lover of parties.

- Puts up walls, shutting down viable relationships from a fear of getting hurt.

- Enjoys picking on people, so her partner definitely needs to have a sense of humor (and thick skin)! 

- It takes an extra special person to break beyond her surface level. 

- She has never dated a man under 6'0". 

- Once was arrested for protesting animal cruelty at a SeaWorld parade.

- She loves adventure and is always down for a fun time - the more spontaneous, the better!



- Loves to spend entire days out on his boat.

- Secretly, he loves the television show Battlestar Galactica.

- Cannot help himself from flirting with anyone who breathes in his direction.

- One of his favorite pastimes is going on long walks through the city - and seeing if he can pick up women on the way home.

- Hates bagels and lox. 

- Has not made a genuine connection with anyone since graduating college, and is painfully unaware of his own douche-y tendencies. 


- She is a Gemini sun, Aires moon, and Leo Rising. 

- Secretly writes Lord of the Rings fanfiction.

- Can be too honest with other people, and not honest enough with herself.

- Favorite television show is The Bachelor

- Loves attending concerts, and is an extremely proud "Swiftie."

- Due to her very controlling personality, she can appear closed off in serious situations and very hard to read. 

- She is vegan, and will try to convince anyone to stop eating animal products. 

- Loves luxury travel and her loyal Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise Mix, Cooper. 



- Has submitted several books of poetry for publication, though none of them have actually been accepted. 

- He has very strong opinions about the Off-Broadway production of Hamilton.

- Cannot help but make himself the center of every conversation.

- Loves honey chamomile tea and reading red carpet fashion looks to filth.

- Enjoys watching scary movies - so that whenever he has the opportunity to watch one on a date he can act scared for extra attention. 

- Has what some might call "main character syndrome." 


- Was the valedictorian of her graduating class at Penn Law School. 

- Fluent in French, and has spent time studying abroad in Belgium.

- Absolutely cannot be wrong. Ever.

- She is the president of a local book club, and her favorite novel is Fifty Shades of Grey. 

- A huge fan of the Jonas Brothers - her favorite is Kevin. 

- Not the best at being engaged in a conversation, unless she is leading it herself. 



- A native of Orlando, he graduated from FSU with a degree in Marketing and moved to New York shortly after.

- He is both a Scorpio and a Go-go dancer. 

- Depends on other people for validation and is incredibly insecure without the help of compliments. 

- Doesn't know how to approach people he is romantically interested in.

- Lady Gaga's biggest fan.

- Played baseball as a teenager, but quit after he found out there wasn't any choreography like in High School Musical.

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